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Petite Pillowette - 100% Cotton White
Petite Pillowette - 100% Cotton White
La Petite Cotton La Petite Cotton Big
Sale price: £40.00
The "Save My Face®" Pillowette features a double crescent design that supports the head comfortably while elevating the face during sleep. It helps stop premature aging."Cotton Series" Pillowette comes with a removable 250 thread count 100% white Cotton finish fabric Pillowcase

Product Description

La Petite Pillowette - White 100% Cotton 250 thread
La Petite Pillowette measures 19" by 10" by 3" and is designed to be used on top of your existing pillow, or for travel.

 Benefits of the "Save My Face®" Pillowette-
  • Helps prevent wrinkling by eliminating "morning pillow face."
  • Reduces sinus compression improving breathing and oxygen flow to body and skin.
  • Helps retain Anti-aging facial creams & serums on your face.
  • Enhances healing after facial cosmetic surgery and aids neck and back support.
The patented double crescent design permits you to sleep on your right or left side without needing to move the Pillowette. The "Save My Face®" Pillowette is filled with pure synthetic fiber that is hypo-allergenic and can be machine washed and dried. The pillowcase is removable, washable, and comes with a YKK Invisible Zipper. Made in USA.

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La Petite Cotton La Petite Cotton Big