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complete womanA good night's sleep restores energy and clears the mind - but a long night of wrinkling and crinkling facial skin and muscles into your pillow can leave you with puffy eyes, creased skin and wrinkled eyelids. How can you save your face? Consider sleeping with the Save My Face! Pillow, which has a unique crescent-shaped design to help support the head and elevate the face during sleep.

Before & after facial surgery - What you need to know.

cosmeticA long night of wrinkling and crinkling our facial skin and muscles into our pillow causes premature aging.

The "Save My Face!" Pillowettte has a unique crescent-shaped design which supports the head and elevates the face during sleep. This removes the constant and harmful pressure from facial tissues and muscles, saving your complexion while you sleep.

"The Save My Face Pillow is an ideal adjunct for the facial cosmetic surgery patient during the post-operative healing process," says David Hopp MD, one of the leading plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills.

Tips & Trends - Pillow Talk

american spa A night of restful sleep is an age-old beauty secret. The Save My Face Pillow makes REM all the more beneficial. Made with a hypoallergenic hypo-down fill, the crescent-shaped pillowettes keep the face elevated, support the head during sleep, and come in two sizes. The company claims that typically during sleep the face slumps into the pillow, causing morning wrinkles and puffiness. In comparison, the design of the Save My Face Pillow is intended to foster sleep on either side. Through head elevation, it prevents pressure on facial tissue and increases oxygen flow. The product is often recommended by plastic surgeons to reduce the swelling of post-operative patients and used by estheticians during treatments to provide clients with comfortable support.

Pillow Talk

Save my face pillow DON'T YOU HATE those lines that run down your face to your chin every morning? Now you can wake up looking refreshed and rested - without the crimps and creases left after a night spent with your face stuck to a pillow. The crescent-shaped Save My Face Pillow supports your head, while keeping delicate cheek and eye tissue away from the pillow's surface. The anti-wrinkle factor isn't the only benefit of this ingenious little pillow. Here's another: Because your face doesn't touch the surface, your nightly moisturizers stay on your skin - not all over your pillow.

Wrinkle-Free Wake-Up

prevention Finally, a face-saver for side sleepers!

The "Save My Face!" pillow with its crescent-shaped design cradles your head, alleviating pressure on delicate face tissue so you can avoid those pesky morning creases.
In two sizes and thread counts.

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