The Inventor

Linda May-Randell is President and CEO of Save My Face, Inc. and has been trained in business, sales and marketing by veterans with over 35 years of combined experience in those three fields. For her formal training in Business Management and Sales and Marketing, Linda has worked closely with the Small Business Association and the Valley Economic Development Center in Los Angeles, California. Because of her ten years of hands-on experience in the manufacturing industry, she has been successful in personally sourcing local, national and overseas manufacturers, goods and supplies.

Now Linda is implementing the counsel of Steve Marr, the author of 'Business Proverbs' to help keep her business in line with sound Biblical principles. Marr's model of business practices can be accessed at This foundation is an integral part of Linda's management style as she continues to hire the best visionaries and staff members who work to listen to the consumer and make Save My Face, Inc. more successful year after year.

Thirty years in the entertainment business has given Linda invaluable hands-on experience and the ability to survive a 'business' that callously boasts that it can easily replace your talents at anytime. Even so, Linda's credits have included: The Los Angeles Ballet, Principal Dancer with The Las Vegas Hilton, understudy to Suzanne Somers and dancer Juliet Prowse and a 5-year run as 'Cassandra' in the world-famous musical 'Cats.' At the age of 14 Linda won the National Talent Search conducted by Dance Masters of America. The organization, which is made up of certified dance educators, awarded only one girl and one boy a summer scholarship to the prestigious American Ballet Theatre School in New York City. One of Linda's secrets to winning surely came from her early discipline as a child who regularly woke up at 5a.m rose to practice. The garage was her early training ground as she honed her ballet skills before school, with a desire to be the best dancer she could be. The character, focus and fearlessness shown when Linda moved to New York City (and survived) at the tender age of 15, showed her superiors that there was a drive and commitment that could always be called upon, come rain or shine. That same unrelenting determination is put into practice among the idea-makers at Save My Face! Linda's keen street smarts have been the driving force that has motivated and sustained her ability to take ideas from concept to market.

Her journey has also given way to an even greater strength, found through her transformed life and Christian walk, which is being sanctified daily. Linda is a member of Grace Community Church ( in Sun Valley, California, where she serves those with special needs. She also teaches a Bible Study for those ladies every Thursday. Linda is married to Dale Randell.

About Pillowette


Save My Face, Inc., a California corporation that manufactures the popular 'Save My Face!' Anti-Wrinkle Pillowette, is celebrating over ten years! Save My Face! is a certified, 100% women-operated business enterprise, run by its founder, Linda May-Randell.'  Save My Face!' is a branded company that has earned the respect of both the Medical and Spa Industries. Linda has been mentored by the respected owners of many successful companies that include Maurice Stein of Cinema Secrets, Haywood Hunter of Sun Laboratories and Ona Lapin of Echo2.
We manufacture all pillowettes at our California facility with the utmost care and precision. All Save My Face fabrics are hand-selected with the consumer in mind for Quality, Comfort and Easy Care. Some of our fabrics and products, such as our new CPAP Pillow with Moisture Guard Inner Liner, are considered 'performance' products, designed for specific needs.
We take pride in listening to you, our customers, as we design and manufacture new custom pillows and products for your special needs and body types.

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