Le Grand Breezes™ White Pillow to minimise Night Sweats & Hot Flashes with removable case

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Le Grand Breezes™ White Pillow to minimise Night Sweats & Hot Flashes with removable case

The Save My Face Breezes™ Pillow consists of a pillow body that is filled with our synthetic proprietary filling that is hypoallergenic. Over the pillow body, is a Breezes™ pillowcase made of nylon and polyester with an invisible zipper. Because Breezes is synthetic, it is anti-bacterial. The fabric is a clinically proven performance fabric that wicks away moisture for uninterrupted sleep! This unique technology offers the softness of silk and is proven to relieve the discomfort of night sweats. 


  • Colour White
  • Breezes™ dries quickly because it does not retain moisture like cotton
  • Removable pillowcase.
  • YKK Invisible Zipper.
  • Hypoallergenic filling that can be machine washed and dried.
  • Includes a clear vinyl travel bag with velcro closure and instruction card with QR code to scan for our instructional video!.
  • Patented Double Crescent Design.
  • Pillow body wrapped in 100% cotton and filled with our proprietary, hypo-allergenic, synthetic, mildew resistant filling made just for the Save My Face Pillow!
Purchase includes free mesh laundry bag.
Pillow measures 52cm x 33cm x10 cm

Designed to replace your existing pillow and perfectly supports the head, keeping facial and eye tissue away from the sleeping surface. You will wake up with a younger, fresher face...and keep it that way!

Prevents 'pillow face' morning wrinkles & eye puffiness.
Reduces sinus compression & improves breathing.
Anti Aging Pillow.

Position your ear at the centre of the pillows crescent Your forehead should be supported by the top of the crescent and your chin should be supported by the bottom of the crescent. Your head should be supported so that your face is suspended in air and elevated from contact with the sleeping surface.

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